We provide SOLUTIONS

Save Money & Enhance Productivity

Improve overall productivity by automating your business process and giving employees ICT tools that offer fast response and high service standards to customers.

Telephone Management Systems

Are you looking for a centralised call accounting / telephone management service to manage your voice and or data traffic? look no further.

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Network Performance Management Systems

performance management provides the tools and information that allow for the administrators to measure the performance level and the load of each equipment that make up the network infrastructure.

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Productivity 100%
Effeciency 90%
Customer service90%
Profitabilty 80%

Internet Management Solutions

Do you know how much time your team spend on the internet? Monitoring and controlling web activity in your business will see improved productivity as well as cost cutting on internet costs.

Telcom Solutions

Leveraging our significant experience and knowledge, we have a long history of efficiently installing and supporting companies so that we not only meet their telecommunication needs but also give them the ability to deliver effective, enhanced services to the valuable customers they serve. Our business model is designed to allow us to:

  • Choose and recommend the best telecommunications platform and equipment based on our client’s specific needs.
  • Specialize in serving multi-locational companies.
  • Provide service and support beyond normal business hours to maximize our ability to provide optimal services.
  • And, stay with our clients from the early fact-finding stage through ongoing system and company support.

Every successful business owner knows the critical importance of clear effective communication. Today, a phone system isn’t simply a mechanism to talk to your customer – it is now one of the most important multi-faceted business tools a company can purposefully integrate and benefit from.

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Telcom Solutions


VoIP Telephone Solutions

While traditional analog phones can have lower upfront costs, they are more costly to support, upgrade and integrate with communications applications. IP phones also offer cheaper long-distance and international calls, as VoIP phone calls are charged at the local rate of the call's destination.

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VoIP Telephone Solutionsclose

Be part of trending technologies for integrating voice and data communication on a single network. with system Integration, small to medium businesses enhance their voice communications while lessening PBX and call costs. We convey these advantages through new innovation that permit voice calls and data traffic to work on the same network.

Remote CCTV Solutions

The advancement of closed circuit innovation and related communication networks has lifted CCTV from being a receptive surveillance framework into an intense data and remote administration device. It is presently viewed as a standout among the best weapons to battle crime.

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Remote CCTV Solutionsclose

CCTV frameworks can be remain stand-alone on site frameworks, completely arranged to give visual access from a remote area, or coordinated with different frameworks, including intruder alerts, access control and fire systems to offer automatic viewing in response to event driven activation.